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Photoplay cue for silent movie music, from the compilation Sam Fox Moving Picture Music, Vol. 1

Photoplay music for "Oriental" scenes by J.S. Zamecnik (Sam Fox Moving Picture Music Vol. 1, 1913).

Lake Forest College
Digital Chicago
The Wonder Hat

"We're working for love," from the final scene of The Wonder Hat radio drama as illustrated by Jaime Deare.

"No lot in this subdivision shall be conveyed or leased by a grantee or any of the successors in title of a grantee to any person who is not a Caucasion..." (Plat #14924276, Platbook 386, Page 16, 11 October 1950)

"No lot in this subdivision shall be conveyed or leased by a grantee or any of the successors in title of a grantee to any person who is not a Caucasion…" (Plat #14061669, Platbook 365, Page 11, 21 May 1947)
Death in Chicago

An aerial photograph of the city of Chicago from 1900 or 1901, titled "The Heart of Chicago".
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2015 Field School

This property shall not be sold or leased to nor occupied by any other than a caucasian (Plat #10515995, Platbook 279, Page 47, October 25 1929)

Aurelius Stone Hinds purchased his own drug store in 1870, developed his soon-to-be-famous Hinds’ Honey & Almond Cream. Five years later, the A. S. Hinds Company was established. The Honey & Almond Cream was heavily marketed toward women…

The colorless glass base from a bottle of AbilenA Natural Cathartic Water found in 2010 at the Charnley-Persky House. A 1910 advertisement for AbilenA, a "cathartic water" bottled in Abilene, Kansas used as a laxative.
Ensemble-Made Chicago
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Addams' travels in Egypt are chronicled in the Atlantic Monthly. The essay serves as the foundation for The Long Road of Women's Memory, a literary work in which Addams reflects on the origins of myth and the female psyche. Addams completes the book…

As president of the Woman’s Peace Party, Addams leads the American delegation to the First International Congress of Women, in The Hague, Netherlands. Addams presides at the conference's opening session. Over the next several days, the delegates…

Constructive peace built for the purpose of embracing the world is the ultimate goal of the Women's Peace Party. By January 1916, some 20,000 people have joined the party. The annual conference attracts a crowd of 2,500 and raises $10,000. A program…
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Addams attends the Seventh Congress of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance. The Women's Congress opens on the fifteenth of June at the Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary, with addresses from the Minister of Education and the Countess Iska…
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Addams leaves Europe and returns to the United States. Her highly-publicized activities in Europe over the past several months - specifically chairing the Women's Peace Summit and meeting with various foreign dignitaries, including presidents, prime…

The platform of the Chicago Emergency Federation (CEF) includes various peace proposals, including a league of nations, international arbitration treaties, arms control, international courts, democratic control of foreign policies, an end to secret…
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