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The Chicago Daily Tribune, summarizes Addams' talk to the Chicago Bureau of Charities on the morality of charity.
Sacred Spaces in 360°

From the Panotour 360° tour of First Presbyterian Church in Lake Forest, part of Ben Zeller's Sacred Chicago project
First Presbyterian.JPG

Image of First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, taken from corner of Deerpath Road and Sheridan Road
raw 360 file.JPG

An uncorrected 360 image of the interior of First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest showing the contributor working on the creation of the VR tour

The chancel (altar area) of First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest

The celtic cross on the chancel at First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest
Autopsy of the Pledge v2.0

A backlit image of the American Flag from Flickr
Art Institute of Chicago<br />
Fountain of the Great Lakes (subheading)<br />

An image of Foundation of Great Lakes in the 1900s surrounded by a flock of pigeons. It is used as the "then" shot to compare the modern day landscape.

Bird's-eye view of Lake Shore Drive, taken from the Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, 1927.
auto-crash small.jpg

Wrecked automobile lying upside-down in a ravine beneath a bridge with a crowd of people standing on a hill in the background
Chicago_pool_lifeguards small.jpg

Informal full-length portrait of Life guards Esther DeWolfe and Arthur Turk Conley wearing bathing suits, posing on the side of a swimming pool in Chicago, Illinois. DeWolfe is sitting in a high lifeguard chair, and Conley is pointing to the left of…

Cover image and part of sheet music for "La Seduccion (Enchantment)" by Henri Clique
06 L'Addio a Napoli.mp3

An MP3 recording of the song "L'Addio a Napoli" lasting 1 min. and 55 secs. long.

An early photo of Ben Hecht at approximately age 25

Artist's rendering of the fire, by Currier and Ives; the view faces northeast across the Randolph Street Bridge.
School of the Art Institute of Chicago<br />
African-American Artists (subheading)<br />
<br />

Cover of the catalogue for Negro in Art Week hosted by the Chicago Art Institute and Chicago Woman's Club
Chicago's Art World, Then and Now

The exterior Entrance to the Art Institute of Chicago building, 111 S. Michigan.

Modern day Lake View Building that houses SAIC
Cliff Dwellers NOW.jpg

Exterior of Orchestra Hall (220 S. Michigan Ave.)-the once location of the Cliff Dwellers Club.
Fine Arts Building NOW.jpg

A modern day long shot of the exterior of the Fine Arts Building and Albert Roullier Art Rooms.
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