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Germany's ultimatum to Russia expires. The German ambassador in St. Petersburg is instructed to deliver declaration of war message to the Russian government. Kaiser Wilhelm decrees a gerneral mobilization of German military forces. German forces…

Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm issues a "Danger of War" (Kriegsgefahr) declaration, once step short of a full mobilization of German military forces. Germany issues Russia an ultimatum - either demobilize or face war with Germany.
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"Ownership and Occupancy of any Lot in this Subdivision shall be restricted to the Caucasian Race."(Source: Plat #14762713, Platbook 382, Page 2. Recorded: March 27, 1950. Expired: January 1, 1968)Back to Restricted Chicago Homepage
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"The ownership and occupancy of the parts or parcels of land shall be restricted to the Caucasian race and no race or nationality other than for whom premises are intended shall use or occupy any dwelling on the premises except that this covenant…
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"No race or nationality other than those for whom the premises is intended shall use or occupy any dwelling on the premises, except that this covenant shall not prevent occupancy by domestic servants of a different race or nationality employed by an…
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Restricted Chicago
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Restricted Chicago

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