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Chicago's Synagogues

Chicago’s Shifting Synagogue Landscape

This project reconstructs and traces the geography of Chicago's first synagogues. Focusing on the twelve oldest Jewish congregations in the city of Chicago, it maps them onto the physical landscape. Chicago's first synagogue,Kehilath Anshe Maariv (KAM), was founded in 1847. By the time of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, there were at least nine. Note: this is a beta site and still in active…
Jane Addams: Chicago's Pacifist

Jane Addams: Peace, War, and World Order

Jane Addams, best known as founder of Chicago's Hull House settlement, became America's best known advocate for peace during World War I. This project, by associate professor of politics Dr. James Marquardt, traces Addams's pacifist work in the context of early twentieth century politics.
Max Wants a Divorce

"Max Wants a Divorce": Chicago's Silent Film Music

Listen to a recreation of historical silent movie musical accompaniment to the 1916 Chicago-based film Max Wants a Divorce by famous Chciago film compnay Essanay Studios, and learn about movie music in a from an earlier era.
Souvenir Music at the 1893 World's Fair

Souvenir Music from the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893

Like any other memento from an enjoyable trip, musical souvenirs such as the piano and vocal pieces collected here offered audible memories for people to buy, take home, and play in their parlors as a reminder of their visit to Chicago and the 1893 World’s Fair.
Sacred Spaces in 360°

Chicago's Sacred Spaces in 360°

This project features educational virtual reality walkthroughs of two of Chicagoland's sacred sites:First Presbyterian Church in Lake Forest, and Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago. Tour these sitesin 360°, "walking through" the spaces in virtual reality.

Tribune Homes and Gardens

In 1945, the Chicago Tribune held a design competition for modest family homes. Most of the nearly 1,000 submissions are lost, but a few designs were published, and a small number were built. The designs reveal what Americans expected oftheir postwar homes, while the changes in the built homes indicate how American housing preferences have evolved.

Restricted Chicago

The Digital Chicago grant supports the development of an array of Chicago-focused courses, including Prof. Odugu’s Equity & Social Justice in Education, which explores the history of educational inequities in Chicago and across the United States, as well as the First Year Studies Course on Race, Space, and Chicago Schools. Student Research Digital Chicago thrives with the help of student…
Death in Chicago

Death in Chicago

A choose-your-own-adventure-style story/game exploring common causes of death in Chicago's history, through the lens of medical anthropology. Follow the storylines to learn more about "Death in Chicago."
Chicago's Art World, Then and Now

Chicago's Art World, Then And Now

Chicago's Art World, Then and Now,tells the story of the institutions, artists, dealers, publications, and visionaries that made Chicago into one of the great visual arts capitals of the world.
Ensemble-Made Chicago

Ensemble-Made Chicago

Ensemble-Made Chicago examinethe genealogy of ensemble-generated theatre in Chicago, tracing it to its roots in the theatre classes taught by Neva Boyd at Hull House at the turn of the twentiethcentury and locating current ensemble-generated theater groups on a map of today's Chicago.
Charnley-Persky House Archaeological Project

Charnley-Persky House Archaeological Project

Dr. Rebecca S. Graff's web exhibit provides a glimpse into the consumer habits of the men, women, and children who lived on Chicago's Gold Coast at the turn of the 20th century. Selected artifacts recovered from excavations at the Charnley-Persky House (11CK1248) in 2010 and 2015 give the first look at these consumer choices as the sites of manufacture or point of sale are mapped in relation to…