Souvenir Music from the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893

10. The Song of the “Ferris Wheel”

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Composed by George Schleiffarth

Schleiffarth (who also wrote under the name “George Maywood,” 1849–1921) was a respected composer of light works at the end of the century. His most famous song was “Sweet Bye and Bye,” written in 1882. This song expresses the wonderment many felt at the juxtaposition of so many cultures along the Midway.

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Performers: Chris White, piano; Brad Jungwirth, vocals. 


Would you view the Fair, love, I will be your guide,
Let us take a whirl, love, to the other side
Not by stately steamer, with its massive keel
Shall we make the journey, but by “Ferris Wheel.” 

Lapland on the right, love, and wild Dahomey
Germany’s in sight, love, not a block away,
Africa so near us, almost makes you feel
That the earth’s surrounded by the “Ferris wheel.” 

China has a place, love, Turks appear in droves,
Would you learn the fashions, you must watch the clothes,
Of the diff’rent tribes, love, wand’ring here and there
Strolling ‘long the Midway, leading to the Fair.

So it seems to me, love, if we wish to see
Each and ev’ry country, in its finery,
We should buy a ticket, to the great World’s Fair,
Step into the “Ferris wheel,” and travel thro’ the air.