Souvenir Music from the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893

9. The Ferris Wheel Waltz

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Composed by G. Valisi

The Ferris Wheel made a profound impression on the Fair-goers. Many had never experienced this degree of elevation before, and even though the wheel moved slowly, the ride proved terrifying for some. This song provides a very faint whiff of the erotic, as our narrator takes advantage of the ride to initiate physical contact with his sweetheart. The piano interludes between verses are meant to illustrate the ride. 

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Performers: Chris White, piano; Brad Jungwirth, vocals. 


This is the wheel, love,
Stately and real, love.
Come, we will sail around,
Let’s leave this common ground. 

Now she is frightened.
Her face has whitened.
His arm he has tightened
His dear sweetheart’s waist around. 

Piano interlude

Gently moving up and higher yet
Nearer than to heaven many get
Then returning back to the earth and its yearning
Back to earthly care and debt

Verse 2:

Oh! That was nice, love,
Let’s go it twice, love.
Ah, yes just one time more,
We’ll have another soar. 

Fear, don’t distress you,
Why is it, guess you?
Be scared and I’ll press you,
As I did the time before

Piano interlude

See the fair in panorama reel
Tho’ ‘twere but a toy for this great wheel
Now descending earthward again we are wending,
Up the Midway we will steal!