Souvenir Music from the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893

Musical Souvenirs: Liner Notes and Lyrics

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The music on this album was composed to capitalize on the Fair craze in Chicago and across the country. Along with buttons, medals, brochures, postcards, and other memorabilia that flooded the market, this sheet music offered a musical “souvenir” of one’s time at the Fair. Some of these pieces were made popular in local theaters, either played by orchestras or performed by popular singers on the vaudeville stage. Others were simply meant to be taken home and played on the parlor piano. They provide a glimpse into the way the visitors understood and remembered this profound experience.

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  1. The Streets of Cairo; or, The Poor Little Country Maid

  2. Chicago Day Waltz, by Guiseppe Valisi

  3. The Viking March, composed by H.C. Verner

  4. Reja Dorada, or The Golden Gate Polka, composed by I.E. Hernandez

  5. Finiculi-Finicula, in "Three Italian Songs,"composed by Luigi Denza, arranged by G. Valisi

  6. L’Addio a Napoli (Farewell to Naples)

  7. Santa Lucia

  8. The Ferris Wheel March and Two-Step

  9. The Ferris Wheel Waltz

  10. The Song of the “Ferris Wheel”

  11. Midway Plaisance

  12. Columbian Polka

  13. Chicago World’s Exposition Grand March

  14. Columbus; or, The World’s Fair Grand March

  15. The World’s Fair, Or, Chicago Dudes’ Grand March

  16. An Afternoon in Midway Plaisance

  17. Echoes from the White City

  18. The Last Day of the Fair