2915 West Farwell Boulevard

2916 West Farwell
Prize Home #4


This house has undergone significant change. A 1947 Tribune photo of the back of the house indicates it was built as designed although in reverse. Today, the house has, instead of the protruding garage from the original, a built-in garage. The roofline is different, it has more front windows than the original, and an overhanging porch roof sits over the front door. Although the floor plan labels this a two-bedroom house, and it won in the smallest house category, the first floor has a small study and the second floor has a very large storage room; each could be used as a bedroom. The house is now listed as a three-bedroom home.


1948 Drawing: The drawing from the book is on page 11 and published by Wilcox and Follett Co. in 1948; the house was designed by Walter J. Thies

2018 Photograph: by Scott McDougall Photography