368 Ridge Road, Highland Park

Drawing from Prize Home Book
2018  Photograph


Prize Home #10. Four houses were built from this design. (Others include 12020 Maple Ave in Blue Island; 2900 W. Pratt; 1542 Woodbine Ct. in Deerfield.) With three bedrooms, one bathroom and a dining alcove rather than full dining room, it is relatively modest. The Highland Park version has had extensive renovation: the attached garage has been converted to living space, a two-car garage has been added to the side, and the back of the house also is expanded. A popular real estate website lists it as a five-bedroom, three-bathroom house.


2018 Photograph: by Scott McDougall Photography

1948 Drawing: The drawing from the book is on page 43 and published by Wilcox and Follett Co. in 1948; the house was designed by Eric Wenstrand.