Sacred Spaces in 360°

Project Information


This project presents immersive 360° tours of three Chicagoland sacred spaces: First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago, and Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel at Lake Forest College. The tours were created using Kolor's Panotour software, and are viewable on desktop and mobile browsers, as well as in virtual reality with Google Cardboard or other viewers. 

Faculty Chicago Fellow:

Benjamin E. Zeller, Associate Professor of Religion, Lake Forest College

Chicago Fellows Year:


Chicago Fellows Research Assistants, Lake Forest College: 

Kristin Rawlings '19 and Julianne Mauriello '19, First Presbyterian tour

Nick Nusbaumer, '17, Pilgrim Baptist Church tour

Elizabeth White '20 and Isaac Winter, '20, Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel tour

Further Information: 

360° images in this tour were shot using a Ricoh Theta S 360° camera, with DSLR images overlaid for the historical imagery as well as detailed images such as stained glass. The tours themselves were created using Panotour from Kolor