Death in Chicago

Project Information

Project Information: 

This project examines public health crises in Chicago in three different periods of the city's history, using an interactive story to examine different possible health outcomes. The story was developed using the Twine open source tool, and features historical imagery alongside images created by Lake Forest College student, Nikoletta Raso '17. 

Faculty Chicago Fellow: 

Holly Swyers, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Lake Forest College

Chicago Fellows Year:


Chicago Fellows Research Assistant: 

Sonia Messar, Lake Forest College Class of 2016

Further Information: 

Students in Professor Holly Swyers' Fall 2015 "Medical Anthropology" class  included Tara Airola, Brittany Avonts, Milan Bozic, Alissa Bregman, Anne Marie Brugioni, Toni Cerkez, Megan Crocco, Megan Dahlinger, Chelsea Evans, Logan Graham, Rachel Granberg, Jack Hirsch, Kristofer Korth, Reshma Kurian, Kristen Letten, Marisol Marrufo, Toni Myers, Yuri Parasiuk, Vaughn Richardson, Darya Rodina, Chaya Tabas, Rahul Thakuri, Kirstie Thompson, and Blanca Trujillo.

Nikoletta Raso (Lake Forest College '17) designed and styled the Twine file for the game, and created original illustrations to accompany the historical imagery. Rebecca Howell and Zanub Husain provided additional Twine support 

All artwork and historical images are used soley for an educational purpose and are not meant to be reproduced. Find a complete collection of the images used from the Death in Chicago Omeka collection.