Beneath Chicago's gleaming skyscrapers rest hundreds of years of hidden history. From buried ceramic shards to the music of silent movies and the shifting patterns of neighborhoods, Chicago's past should not be forgotten. 

We're digging deeper to preserve Chicago's past for a digital future. 

In 2015, Lake Forest College received an $800,000, four-year grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to involve students and faculty in exploring specific at-risk or forgotten sites in Chicago’s history. During 2015-2018, we have focused our efforts on urban archaeological digs, innovative digital humanities projects, and complementary coursework in a wide array of disciplines, including English, History, Art, Music, and others.

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Davis Schneiderman, Digital Chicago Project Director

Associate Dean of the Faculty, Director of the Center for Chicago Programs, and Profesor of English

Emily Mace, Chicago Digital Humanities Coordinator

Anne Thomason, Digital Archivist for Digital Chicago

Librarian for Archives and Special Collections



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For more information about Digital Chicago, contact Chicago Digital Humanities Coordinator at Lake Forest College, Emily Mace, at mace [at] lakeforest [dot] edu.